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22 Exciting Facts for Those Who Are Hard to Surprise

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In case you think you know everything because you are super smart, believe us, there will always be something you got to learn to surprise your friends with your super intelligence. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about the world that could manage to amaze you no matter how jaded you might be.
The nephew of the infamous Adolf Hitler received permission to join the U.S. Navy from President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
There are several reasons why little ones crave sweet things. First of all, during their rapid growth, kids need more calories, and that's exactly what sugary foods can provide. Secondly, it’s been proven that sugar serves as a natural painkiller for children.
Human saliva contains a natural “drug” called opiorphin that helps fight depression and panic attacks. Scientists also believe that one day in the nearest future they’ll be able to create a medicine that can trigger the human body to produce more opiorphin itself.
There are as many as about 100,000,000 nerve cells, which is more nerve cells than there are in a cat’s entire head.
Every year there’s at least one crime for every single citizen of Vatican, and in 2007 there were 1.5 crimes committed per capita.
Dust consists mostly of the dirt we bring home from outside. Other sources are insect waste, animal dander, sand, or flour if you’re in the kitchen, but not our dead skin cells.
It turns out not only we can be allergic to them, cats and dogs can be allergic to us! Plus, although it quite rare, cats can be allergic to dog dander and vice versa.

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William Patrick Hitler, the nephew of the infamous Adolf Hitler, served as a nurse in the U.S Navy during the Second World War. 0:42
The word “boycott” comes from the name of Charles Boycott, who, in 1880, decided not to support a campaign for the protection of workers' rights. 0:57
Before bones stop growing, children don’t taste that something is too sweet. 1:16
The entire English-language on "Wikipedia" without pictures and videos measures at about 14 GB if it's compressed and more than 58 GB when you decompress it. 2:10
According to U.S. law, the size of prop dollar bills used in movies should either be 75% smaller or 150% bigger than the actual size. 2:35
Human saliva contains a natural “drug” called opiorphin that’s six times stronger than morphine. 2:54
The laws of physics that we know of now only work for 4% of all the matter in the universe. 3:42
The stomach and the esophagus are covered with nerve cells. 3:59
The M100 galaxy is 55 million light years away from Earth. 4:18
The level of crime in the Vatican is one of the highest in the world. 4:50
Scientists think that the lifespan of any living creature is equal to the time it takes the heart to make about one billion beats. 5:17
The fact that most of the dust in our home is made up of our own dead skin cells is nothing more than a myth. 5:33
Avocados never ripen on trees, they only mature. 5:59
Penguins lived there about 40 million years ago, were nearly 6 feet tall, and weighed over 220 pounds. 6:22
The ashes of Fred Baur, the man who brought us Pringles chips, was buried in one of the famous cylinder-shaped packages, according to his own will. 6:52
-40°С is equivalent to -40°F. 7:15
Just as we can be allergic to them, cats and dogs can be allergic to us. 7:47
Despite the common stereotype, velociraptors were actually the size of a turkey. 8:06
The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day was created in 1944 by a cereal manufacturer in the U.S. 8:30
Chocolate will disappear by the year 2050. 9:00
The official number of jury members is 12 because this is how many apostles there were in the bible. 9:25
American author Morgan Robertson predicted the 1912 sinking of the Titanic in his 1898 novel Futility. 10:01

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